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The LEARNING LAB at St. Andrew's will allow students enrolled in an online school option to experience:

* Learning in a safe, teacher-supervised setting with only 12 students per classroom!

* Bible Study

 * Non-Digital activities such as music, physical education, language learning, and art!

* Classes run 9:30am - 4:00pm (5, 4, 3, or 2 days per week)


Online school options include:

Epic Charter Schools, Moore Public Schools, OKC Public Schools,

or other online programs.



5 day tuition - $450/month

4 day tuition - $395/month

3 day tuition - $365/month

2 day tuition - $275/month

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Lunch can be purchased two days a week.

Classes will be held in the MINISTRY TRAINING CENTER on the north side of the St. Andrew's Community United Methodist Church campus.

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Call 405-691-GROW (4769) or 405-692-4242, ext 121

Email: TheLearningLabOKC@gmail.com


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