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Our Staff

Blessed Beginnings is happy to introduce our amazing staff members. Every single one is dedicated to giving your child a great experience here at our school.
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Heather Ward


Ward 23-24.jpg
Ashton 23-24_edited.jpg

Loralie Ashton

Tiny Turtles

Lisa Allen 22-23.jpg

Lisa Allen

Tiny Turtles

Tracy Dooling.jpg

Tracy Dooling

Tiny Turtles

Julie Kewley 22-23.jpg

Julie Kewley

Wiggly Worms

May Moon
Wiggly Worms

Moon 23-24.jpg

April Claybaugh

Busy Bees

April Claybaugh 22-23.jpg
Coffman 23-24.jpg

Liz Coffman
Busy Bees

Robin Wohletz
Blue Birds

Wohletz 23-24.jpg
Greene 23-24.jpg

Ashley Greene
Blue Birds

Kasey Bailes 22-23.jpg

Kasey Bailes

Hassell 23-24.jpg

Tara Hassell

Snowden 23-24.jpg

Emily Snowden

Leap Frogs

Barnett 23-24.jpg

Chelsea Barnett
Leap Frogs

Tori Olsen 22-23.jpg

Tori Olsen

Reader Rabbits

Adams 23-24.jpg

Stephanie Adams
Reader Rabbits

Evan Harper

Evan Harper 22-23.jpg
Diabase 23-24.jpg

Sharon DiBiase
Physical Education

Carol Bates 22-23.jpg

Carol Bates


Stephenie Bowlware

Deanna Beverage 22-23.jpg

Deanna Beverage

Marie Peterson 22-23.jpg

Marie Peterson

DA 23-24.jpg

D.A. Bennett

Senior Pastor

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